1.Why are you paying for your application?

We are providing support in creating world class CVs, updating linkedin profile and connecting with employee of other companies. So we want only serious professionals urgently looking for job .A candidate need to pay to show their seriousness. As no one values what comes free.

2. Why the employees need to share their official details?

To verify authenticity of employment that will allow us to trust their seriousness of referring and communicating with the candidate.

3.Who will refer after application received?

Employee registered via Refer a friend will refer a candidate for job within his company.

4. Why an employee will refer anyone?

Some employees are interested in improving network and meeting new professionals. By referring a candidate, an employee is supporting his organization’s recruitment and will, in turn, receive cash bonus.

5.Why communication is necessary between candidate and referrer before they proceed?

Before referring a candidate an employee must know the candidate and candidate must know referrer. This helps build trust towards each other.

6. Who will match the Job relevant to an applicant profile and give suggestion about the same?

If a candidate didn’t select a job by his\her choice REFER ME recruitment team will suggest job according to his\her profile via email,message or phone.

7. Why are we emphasizing on building Linkedin profile?

Recruiters are very much active on social media nowadays. They use linkedin to verify candidate’s presence, profession and sometimes they also look for new candidates here. So we suggest an updated Linkedin profile to create the right impression in front of the recruiters.

8. Why are we emphasizing to generate a standard CV?

A standard CV leaves the positive impression on recruiter.While referring a candidate an employee requires a lot of information about a candidate. To make sure that CV shared with employee is not missing out on any information required and is impressive enough for recruiters to ignore, we suggest the job finders to generate CV using our CV generator.

9. Can you explain about job displayed in International Job Category and its application procedure ?

Few companies are accepting Indian applicants for overseas position via employee referral. An Indian National with valid passport can apply for Jobs displayed under international job category.

10. Why the time constrain of three months?

Once a candidate applies and pays for job application it means he\she is ready for job change and will be available for seriously attending the recruitment process. REFER ME gives several opportunities to candidate within this time period which is sufficient for a change.

11. Why Regular Jobs section is not displaying any company’s name or referrer’s designation?

Jobs displayed under Regular Jobs section are regular requirement available in companies of any industry . REFER ME will notify immediately to candidates about jobs once it will receive them via employee of that company.

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